The New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) is one of the top private tertiary education providers in New Zealand and is situated in the ever-sunny North Shore suburb of Takapuna in Auckland. 

It’s also one of the longest-running privately owned schools in New Zealand, thanks to its great courses, lecturers, and dedication to helping students achieve their academic goals.

In 2013, NZIE wanted to redevelop their corporate identity to fit in with the current times – as their previous logo was outdated. In addition to this, they were looking at expanding and were in the process of setting up a campus in Manukau and Botany. So what was initially meant to be a logo redesign, soon turned into a full-scale rebranding and identity rollout. Starting with the internal collateral and brand guidelines and then working with other vendors such as web designers and sign writers to change the entire face of NZIE.

The brand as a whole is predominantly Navy Blue. To offset and compliment it, bright orange is used in small doses in the form of trims and ribbons to give the brand a fun and vibrant tone to coincide with the youthful Atmosphere in the school. In the case of the presentation folder; The entire inside uses bright orange, giving it a breath of fresh air from its professional exterior.

Business cards are one of the most important tools for networking. So to put a face to the name, the staff at NZIE all have personalised business cards with their image set alongside their very important contact details. Each image is taken on a good hair day and then retouched before placing it on their card.

The final stage of the identity development was to create the final look for a new fully device-responsive website that was both informative and allowed ease of use. Development was then passed on to a local web development firm for final output.

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