Pasefika Proud is an ongoing family violence prevention campaign run by the Ministry of Social Development. It addresses domestic violence in Pacific families by using clear, consistent messaging about building strong families and encouraging preventative measures in their homes.

The campaign acknowledges that Pacific cultures have a strength that can be used positively to prevent violence and encourages Pacific communities to take responsibility for the issues they are facing and find solutions from their own unique cultures to resolve them.

While other domestic violence campaigns focus on the confrontation of the abusers, Pasefika Proud takes a positive approach and uses love and dignity to build strength through community and fellowship.

In particular; highlighting the positive aspects of one’s culture to build a foundation of love and respect for one’s self and family in order to prevent domestic violence in the homes of Polynesian families across New Zealand.

Back in Early 2016 Pasefika Proud approached Bright Sunday about revamping their brand. After spending more than a decade Preventing family violence with love, respect, and dignity through Pacific cultures, Pasefika Proud wanted to update their brand for a new generation of pacific people in New Zealand needing guidance when dealing with the problems of today.

My job as the Senior Visual designer was to develop an updated identity for Pasefika Proud which would appeal to both their established audience as well as a newer generation of younger Polynesians.

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Hello, my name is Lyle, and I am a Graphic Designer from Auckland New Zealand.

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